Every professional golfer and golf enthusiasts wish to enjoy a golf course that is up to standard. A golf course should offer its players with various modes of challenges, functionality, and astounding beautiful scenery. A place to relax and spend time with colleagues, friends, and family exudes from Iron Man Golf Club.

Beauty and Function

Quality golf courses not only present itself with beauty but with functionality as well. In Iron Man Golf Club, we consulted with the best and experienced golf course architects to provide patrons with top quality playing experience. With top-quality professionals, the course is guaranteed to be picturesque. Apart from the beauty of the Iron Man Golf Club, classic golf set-ups and site-exclusive set-ups are found here.

Golf Hole Styles

Iron Man Golf Club proudly presents all golf enthusiasts with classic hole styles that everyone has seen on tournaments or had played with at some point. Here are some of the classic holes styles we all loved:

Penal Design Hole

Considered to be a classical golf hole styles, the penal hole is available in our golf course. This has been taught to be a standard golf course design since the earliest days.  This type is designated to provide players with challenge and penalize players for the design of the course itself.

Heroic Design Hole

This hole style is designed to let players dwell with obstacles in order to get the best shot. Various designs may display a variety of difficulty depending on the obstacles and hazards placed around the course.

Detour Design Hole

For the detour design, it aims for the player to decide from different pathways around a hazard or obstacle. Rather than facing a certain hazard head on, a player has the option to choose a different pathway for the ball.

Open Design Hole

If you wish to have an easy and chill game of golf, this design is definitely for you. With a straightforward approach design, there are no hazards or detours needed to overcome. You can freely enjoy the game together with colleagues, friends, or family.