Summer Tournament

This pro tournament encourages golf professionals and golf enthusiasts to compete this coming month of August. The Summer Tournament will be a 2-day event wherein mid-range handicap players will be competing with each other until the “Summer Golf Champion” wins. Elite members have the exclusive perks to stay overnight in the clubhouse during the event. Such privilege is also given to Advance Membership individuals.

4th of July Open

This coming 4th of July, celebrate with Iron Man Golf Club!

Players of all ages can join and can choose from 3 various types. If you are bringing your kids, mini golf range finders are available for them to enjoy.

For teenagers, they may choose to play with the adults and professionals or enjoy a chill game in the Open Design.

For professionals and adults, a tournament proper will be held. Cash prizes are available for the tournament proper only.

Make sure to wear 4th of July colors!