To enjoy all the best amenities in Iron Man Golf Club, membership fees are paid in an option of monthly or annual bases. We consider our members as our own families; with this we guarantee that your money will not go to waste with the service we provide. Membership fees have increments wherein certain perks and privileges are exclusive to each. Iron Man Golf Club only accepts payments only through debit or credit cards. Below are the different membership fees you can choose from:

Basic Membership- $100 (monthly); $1100 (annual)

With the Basic Membership, you can enjoy access to the golf course during opening hours. There is limited clubhouse use, but there is no pool use and no discounts for tournament fees for this type of membership. This type of membership is good for individuals as it’s not shareable.

Advanced Membership- $300 (monthly); $3,300 (annual)

The Advance Membership allows you to have unlimited access to the golf course during opening hours. For an individual membership plan, there will be perks of clubhouse and pool use and discounts for tournament fees. For a family membership plan, use of the clubhouse is only free to first two members while an addition of $80 for exceeding members.

Elite Membership- $500 (monthly); $5,500 (annual)

The Elite Membership allows you to have unlimited access to the golf course, unlimited clubhouse and pool use, and guaranteed discounts for tournament fees. This can be applied to both individual and family membership plans. In addition, special club events will be hosted exclusively to elite members only.

Atop from the exclusive perks for each type of membership plan, one can have access to pro shops, golf carts, serviced food and beverage, and tournaments. However, for the basic membership, there will be an additional miscellaneous fee when renting lockers, club storage, and golf club rentals. These additional fees may run from $10-$30 depending on the service. Also, tournament and events are usually open to all members unless specified.